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She stood, fearful and shaking, standing in the woods with only a flashlight in the dark despair. "This place..." Her shaky voice whispered to herself, "This place is unsafe. I want to get back to the campgrounds...." She sighed, whirring around on her heel in the dark, walking a few steps before she heard a whistle, harsh and piercing behind her. "The monsters are coming...." She whispered shakily to herself, tears streaming down her face from somewhat illuminated Emerald-Auburn mixed eyes. She kept walking on, however. Passing by the sink hole, the place was affectionately called that. Really it was just a small plateau of dirt with uprooted dead broken apart trees in it, and  some old bricks and other crap that people no longer wanted. She held her flashlight tightly in one of her hands, her body still shaking. She didn't know if it was from the feeling she was receiving from the woods around her, or from the shapes that she saw scurrying around in the darkness that was just beyond the trees. She averted her eyes to the ground, whispering things to herself in some language she was unaware she had learned, but otherwise ignored the fact that she knew it. Then she heard it, the whistling again. She tensed her hand against the flashlight, her nails digging into her palm as her free hand was clenched into a fist int he pocket of the old, over-sized Grey hoodie that she wore almost constantly. She remained silent then, trying to keep her footsteps silent as well as she came upon the lake that separated the forest from the campgrounds (though the campgrounds owned the forest and they were all given freedom into it). She saw the clearing for the tiny bridge into her safety zone and sped up her pace a bit, ignoring the monsters whose shadows were now illuminated by the dim moonlight at the outskirts of the woods. She froze when she heard someone speak, quietly, in a murmur that was almost overlooked. She clicked off the flashlight then, shoving it into her pocket and running silently to safety, though she remained near the lake, her head down as she had no idea what monsters would be lurking around the campgrounds, she had no idea what monsters would be slithering in and out between campers, unseen by the other residents. So she chose to stay by the lake to avoid any un-welcomed run ins, until turning up to her hill was necessary, she took the path farthest from the campers (as there were two, and one of them was close to those monsters).

She watched the ground as she walked, instinctively heading up to her hill, passing by the other campers that looked nice and refined, and the bathrooms that from the outside looked adequate, but from the inside had a clear lacking of necessary treatment to them. She kept her head down at her bare feet traveled quietly along the pavement she walked on, listening to the noises of the bugs, and the soft murmurs of people that already resided in their campers, to which she was absent from her's. She knew her parents weren't there, which was the only reason she had stayed out past the campground weekday curfew. When she arrived she walked along the sharp stones, turning around briefly, staring at the light of the bathrooms that she barely saw with her growing worse vision. She saw a small black blur obscure some of the light, to which she turned her head and looked down, scuttling into her camper like a mouse into their hole. She turned, in a trained manner, shutting the door behind her and locking it as she stood on the porch her parents had built as an addition to the camper that they so rarely resided in. Usually it was only her, and during the night, when the lights were off, it was her and all of the monsters that she so feared. She sat on her couch, one that was green, a deep green that would be associated with shadow covered moss. She plucked up the remote, turning the small Basic Cable TV on for the noise it provided, and the light it provided as well in the darkened porch. The monsters, they hated the light. She had learned this from when she was a child, and she had adhered to the rules of the game that were set up by them. By the monsters. They never stuck in the day, she had learned, but they were secure in their shadows - watching you and laughing whenever you mess up. They hated the light, which was why when she would walk, she always kept a light source with her, to scare away the monsters. She had learned this as a child too. And sometimes, they would be friendly, and they would trick you - and these monsters were powerful. They were not afraid of the light. She had learned this in the past 3 years, when reflecting on her memories of childhood friends that she had so adored 'playing' with.

She sat, curled in the light that had shown across her couch, splashing the wall behind her as well as she flicked through the channels. When she changed it from one channel to another, there was a split second where the monsters could get to her, but none of them were ever fast enough. She had never realized, always wondered but never truly realized, that no matter what, she was safe from these malicious beings that wanted her that feared the dark. The only ones she had to worry about were the ones who were strong enough to over come the light. She shut her eyes lightly, and the bodies stopped swarming each other, and they stopped moving in her sight, and she was safe as she heard the noise of the opening credits to 'Untold Stories of the E.R.' come from the speakers of the TV. When she re-opened her eyes, she heard it. A whistle. She pushed it from her mind the best she could, keeping her eyes focused on the TV screen, keeping her ears focused on the noise that erupted from it as she curled her legs up to her chest, afraid of touching the floor at night. You may all think her to be a child, but she was 17. She was, in all technicalities, not a child. She whispered soft things in a trained language, soft things that she never knew the meaning of, but the words had always calmed her during her particularly scary nights, and each sentence was usually followed with a small pause before it was repeated to her 8 year old ears in those times of being White. "Ich liebe Dich. Ich liebe Dich. Ich liebe Dich." She repeated over and over and over again. Ununderstanding of the meaning, but knowing that it was soothing to her, that the words had to be something that were of sacred measures if the man who told them to her held her when she was terrified and whispered this sentence into her hair before daylight broke and her 'friend' had to leave. As a child, she hated it when her 'friend' had to leave, and one day he had stopped coming around, and only two days later there was a new report of a man in a car crash, three dead. She shook her head to rid herself of the memories of herself crying into her severely confused mother, screaming in the trained German that the man had taught her, yelling about her 'friend' disappearing like the woman on the screen had told her.

She snapped her eyes away from the screen when she heard the handle to the door move, and she remained silent, and took what she thought to be a risky move by moving into the dark. The monsters swarmed around her, but they never touched her, and they never caused her issues. She watched the door past these beings that filled her vision. She heard the handle move again, as if someone wished to open the door, and she heard their hand smack harshly into the window. She flinched, but remained in the dark of the room. Then, the noises stopped, and the walking on rocks erupted, and she took a cautious moment to peer out of her window behind her, a blurred black body shuffling along the rocks. Her friend was back, and her friend was violent, and her friend was no longer a friend. She knew what he was, and she was terrified for everything he had made her do as an innocent child. He had stolen her innocence from her, he had turned the White her Opaque. She looked away from the window and dove back into the light of the screen. She shut her eyes and prayed to a God that she didn't believe in to save her, to take the monsters away. She sat there sobbing her prayers out until early in the morning, when she had fallen asleep in the light of the TV. Despite the Rules she had learned, she never knew that she was a Rule to this new game she played herself. Not until later that year....

Later in that year was when she had learned it. She was alone in her camper with a friend she had made, she was alone in her camper with a woman to which had dirty blonde hair that rested at her shoulders, and bright blue eyes. She would laugh and joke around with her, and offer to get her food int he nights. And in those nights she had observed herself in the mirror some nights, that her eyes appeared to glow in the dark, coating over with a gold color. She would flick the light back on afterwards, frowning softly. She soon erased her frown from her face and walked back to the porch where her friend sat on the couch she had claimed, the ceiling light in the room on, keeping half of the room light, and the other half dark with bodies that melded together. She would watch those bodies intently when her friend stayed over, and she would always hear her friend chuckled, drawing her fear filled attention back to her. "Your eyes are doing it again." Her friend stated one night as the TV played the show 'Happy Tree Friends' from the Roku the two had managed to set up and get to Netflix with. She gave her friend and odd look, tearing her eyes away from the over watched episode 'Double Whammy' (it was her and her friend's favourite Flippy episode after all). It was almost as if her friend had known the question she was going to ask of 'Doing what?' She turned to face her, chuckling again as she poked her forehead lightly. "They're illuminating themselves on there own, crazy." She told her. The young woman flinched back and gave her a stranger look. She then turned her attention back to the screen when Flippy had managed to have his 'Great Flippy War' as she called it.

"Illuminating....?" She asked her friend in return, not daring to look back to her, she realized, that when in her presence, nobody ever got hurt, the monsters of the dark had stayed away from whoever she was with. She never much noted it, though she always feared the dark. She looked to her friend, who merely remained chuckling.
"They light up." Her friend told her, looking back to the screen herself, "When you watch the Darkness." She hummed. "The shadows." So her friend had noted the anomaly too. After that, the conversation was dropped until her friend stated that she was going down to the bathrooms. She had told her to bring the flashlight to navigate in the dark, tossing it to her friend when she left. She never did return....and it was only then, she had realized she was following the rule she had always over looked, the very rule that her friend appeared to not follow - her friend did not know the game. This rule, to the game was was so simple it was even stated before but had been dismissed. This rule that repeated itself. This rule that she embodied, to which was the reason the monsters ignored her and never touched her even if she hid in the darkened places and the hidden black shadows.


Just call me Kimchii :D
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I like to much stuff to say, mostly Anime, Writing, and Drawing. I am usually depressed, but hey! I have my up moments.
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